Waterfront Homes Real Estate

    Lake Chelan waterfront homes for sale are a niche market the Nick McLean Real Estate Group loves and thrives in. Waterfront values are down in some cases 50% from the peak 2007 levels. Our group can quickly and accurately identify the very best Lake Chelan waterfront home you are searching for. Lake Chelan waterfront can be quickly divided into two groups North shore and South shore. Lake Chelan south shore stretches 25 miles up lake towards 25 mile creek campground where the paved road ends. Along the first 5-7 miles you will find some of the very best waterfront with no to low bank, bulk heads, and docks and in some rare cases sandy beaches. As you venture up lake the waterfront quality starts to vary from low to high bank and you enter a more forest lake feel. Buyer’s that prefer the Lake Chelan South shore are looking for more privacy and less direct sunshine in the summer. The North shore stretches 15+ miles from the City of Chelan. Buyer’s that prefer the North shore are looking for southern exposures for maximum sunlight and also Manson waterfront.

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